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Regional Innovation Fund (RIF)


The Regional Innovation Fund provided support to promote the adoption of innovation and the spread of best practice across the NHS. NHS England took over the management of the RIF in 2013 and ran two consecutive calls for 2013/14 and 2014/15 years funding 87 projects in total. The last funding call for projects closed in May 2014.

The fund provided an opportunity for the NHS to change lives, helping clinicians to work in new ways, and driving the changes that patients want to see. The RIF also encouraged strong partnerships with industry and third sector to drive the adoption of new technologies.

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Content with Clinical areas General Surgery .

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) plus incorporating ICOUGH UK

Major surgery particularly in the context of cancer poses a massive physiological and emotional challenge for patients and their families. Post-op pulmonary complications...

Video Pre-Operative Assessment Clinic

As a tertiary referral centre for the South West of England, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust found 40% of patients were travelling large distances to attend hospital for treatment...