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Regional Innovation Fund (RIF)


The Regional Innovation Fund provided support to promote the adoption of innovation and the spread of best practice across the NHS. NHS England took over the management of the RIF in 2013 and ran two consecutive calls for 2013/14 and 2014/15 years funding 87 projects in total. The last funding call for projects closed in May 2014.

The fund provided an opportunity for the NHS to change lives, helping clinicians to work in new ways, and driving the changes that patients want to see. The RIF also encouraged strong partnerships with industry and third sector to drive the adoption of new technologies.

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Development of Vocational Rehabilitation Service for Stroke Patients

Case study arrowThe development of a formal vocational rehabilitation service was designed to identify the precise number of individuals who need support in maintaining or achieving their vocational goals.

Service userBy developing the patient goal led pathway and the establishment of links with other interested parties, we enabled stroke sufferers to access support, treatment and advice in a timely manner.

This has involved partnership working with patients, carers and employers as well as developing formal links with the disabled employment service, the Stroke Association and Connect UK alongside local voluntary organisations such as the local Hospice.

A vocational rehabilitation caseload was established and vocational rehabilitation standards introduced based on British Standard Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM) guidelines.

Of the 37 patients currently accessing the service, 17 have returned to work full time, 3 with reduced hours or altered role and 1 participating in voluntary work. 16 are still receiving therapy intervention, or monitoring to return to, or be maintained at work. We have received excellent feedback from patients and carers both verbally and in writing with comments like “I would not have returned to work without the service” “I would probably been stuck at home”

Key Learning

  • An increased awareness of vocational rehabilitation across the stroke pathway and the wider trust.
  • Increased knowledge of the Equality Act 2010 and its relevance to individuals with a disability.
  • Increased knowledge regarding reasonable adjustments that employers are expected to make.
  • Increased experience in negotiation skills with employers.
  • Importance of developing links and utilisation of outside agencies

Awareness of the service has been increased via presentations such as celebration events, stakeholder meetings and staff training.

Award Value: £39,000

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Contact Name Not known Email address ceades@nhs.net

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