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Innovation Technology Payment (ITP) launch

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2017 NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) now open

Applications for the 2017 NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) are now open until 26th July 2017. This year the NIA is seeking local, national and international innovations that address the following...
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Remote Patient Monitor

Case study arrowExpert estimation suggests that - depending on the age range under consideration - between 25% and 60% of older people suffering from the main chronic disease categories might benefit from telehealth solutions.

Haiyuntech is a healthcare company cased in Newcastle, UK. The Company is a pioneer of telecare and telehealth via our unique platform, a distinctive new approach to the remote patient monitoring (RPM).

Our goal is to become the first leading company for wireless medical device with access to a unique online platform where the data is securely stored in our cloud account, were family and medical staff can monitor the patient. In case of emergency, an alarm will be triggered to alert the family and/or carer. This platform can also be used to record data collected from the wireless device and sent directly to the medicla staff.

We provide a closely integrated software-hardware solution for health monitoring. All our health monitoring devices will integrate a proprietary module which connects securely, reliably and exclusively to our mobile APP. Health data is collected from the devices and transferred to the platform. The platform will provide real-time monitoring and could go some way towards improving patient care.

Market Competition

There are similar innovations - medical apps - but these do not connect patient to medical staff.

Unique selling point

Using the technology for clinical research to universities, NHS and pharma is unique.

Patient Population

Expert estimates suggest that - depending on the age range under consideration - between 25% and 60% of older people suffering from the main chronic disease categories might benefit from telehealth solutions. This would mean a current demand potential range from 3.8 million to 9.4 million potential users for the different chronic disease groups across the EU25 population aged 60 years and above. During the coming two decades, these figures can be expected to rise.

Improving patient outcomes

Investments in telehealth and telecare technology and associated process improvements have the potential to improve the efficiency of health care delivery - enabling access to speciality care. Instead of having a patient travel to see a specialist or vice versa, the specialist sees the patient using telecommunications technology. This has considerable potential to reduce travel associated with serving remote rural populations and to extend the reach of a specialist to previously underserved populations (retirment home, jail, schools).

System/cost benefits to the NHS

Remote Patient Monitoring, passively or actively collecting data from patients wherever they are, can realise direct benefits to providers including reduced hospital re-admissions, shortened hospital stays and improved clinical outcomes, all while reducing costs.


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