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Innovation Technology Payment (ITP) launch

The Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) launched on the 15th June.   The Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) builds on the Innovation and Technology Tariff (ITT) and...

2017 NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) now open

Applications for the 2017 NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) are now open until 26th July 2017. This year the NIA is seeking local, national and international innovations that address the following...
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Jungle Creative

Case study arrowA patient entertainment system designed to entertain, distract and educate children visiting the new Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Unlike many other hospitals who have created a standalone piece of technical wizardry, we wanted to try something new. We wanted to create something that had heart and soul and which the children felt belonged to them. As a big part of our background is in creating content for children (a member of our team spent 21 years creating and producing TV Programmes for BBC Children’s, including amongst others, Mr Tumble) we decided to create a set of characters which the children could form a relationship with. And so The Hardleeys of Alder Hey were born. And along with these characters we have developed and created a range of interactive apps, linear video and art work to bring them to life and entertain, distract and reduce anxiety in the children undergoing medical procedures. Moving forward we hope to create a system which will allow for personalisation and we are also developing information giving tools.

Unique selling point

Our patient entertainment systems have both digital and interactive content, based around a series of bespoke characters created for and partly by children. Because our characters are narrative driven, with their very own backstory, they form a very special bond with the patients. And because the story is on-going we can adapt story lines and characters to meet both individual, group and clinical needs within the hospital. Meeting the individual needs will allow us to measure an individual child's emotional response to their time in hospital and intervene if their treatment is affecting their wellbeing. It is this that really makes it unique.

Improving patient outcomes

There are three main benefits from having the Hardleeys in the hospital.

  • They serve to entertain and distract the children, thereby not only making a child's stay in hospital more pleasant but also speeding up clinical processes as the children are at ease and feeling relaxed
  • They can explain medical procedures to children therefore allaying fears and once more speeding up processes
  • By utilising interactive software, focussed on Hardleey content, we can measure a child's emotional response and wellbeing to not only improve their treatment, but also their stay in hospital

Jungle Creative Installation


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