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Frequently Asked Questions – Winter 2016

Who is eligible to apply?

All doctors who are developing clinical innovations/enterprises can apply from 7th November 2016 – 9th December 2016.  All clinical disciplines including dental, nursing, midwifery, allied health practitioners, healthcare scientists and pharmacists will have the opportunity to apply in 2017.

What is the Interview process and what does it consist of?

It will begin with a short listing process, an interview panel that will consist of a number of commercial/clinical/entrepreneurial experts.  It will be a Dragon’s den style panel which will ask questions, look at aspirations and delivery as well as leadership and development.  It is designed to be a fluid dynamic process and will be fair with structure, but entrepreneurial in spirit.

How are the clinical entrepreneurs selected?

Via an independent panel

How do I apply?

Please complete the application form using this link.  www.innovation.england.nhs.uk/clinical-entrepreneur


What information do I need to supply?

Your application must include a summary CV, statement of clinical and entrepreneurial aspiration, two references focusing on your entrepreneurial activity, for trainees – a letter of support from your Training Programme Director, for all a one-minute video showing your “elevator pitch” for your developing clinical innovation.

What kind of referees is appropriate and what information are you looking for?

Your referees can be entrepreneurial, a clinician or from a commercial or business individual. We want you to decide what you think is best as you are the entrepreneur. Ideally written on A4 word document, it is about their experience of you and as an individual and why they think you are a good fit for the programme.

What does the 60 second pitch need to contain, is it about ourselves or the idea?

This is an opportunity for whatever you want to portray of yourself and your aspirations; we are looking to get a sense of who you are and why you are or want to become an entrepreneur.

If the idea is only very early in development, can the 1min video simply describe the concept only therefore, no working parts or models needed?

Yes, no need to incur personal expense as this can be filmed on a smart phone. We are looking to understand who you are, what drives you and why you want to take this forward.

As the word count is only 150, I was wondering if you wanted us to include specific entrepreneurial examples in the statement. Do you need a brief description of our innovative idea in a statement?

It has to be entrepreneurial. You have to show us your flair, passion and skill. We will have some clinical, business and commercial experts at interview; this is about you as a person.

Where do we give examples of our entrepreneurial activity? In the statement or the elevator pitch?

It is up to you, design it as you want, this is an overall assessment.

What type of CV are you looking for?

Succinct and tailored down. The statement is the opportunity to declare what you are passionate about, introducing yourselves, your entrepreneurial idea, a brief summary. We wanted to give applicants the option of submitting via two different mediums, video and written.

When will I hear if I have been successful?

Applications close on 9 December 2016, notice of progress will be given during January 2017 and interviews will be held during March 2017. Further to this we will then communicate to all candidates.

How did you decide who to include and where was it advertised?

No one is excluded – all Doctors can apply, it was advertised nationally.

I am an F2 doctor currently in training. I intend to take a year out after F2 training and defer application to specialist training for one year in order to focus on developing my idea. Would I still be eligible for the programme?

Yes, apply, you will be considered on merit.

I am currently doing an MD research degree, I haven’t got a number, and can I apply?

Yes you can still apply, if you have a staff grade you can still apply to this scheme.

Is this targeted to the younger doctors?

No it is not targeted at anyone because of age; it is about entrepreneurial spirit. 

I am a fully qualified GP – just finished training, can I apply?

Yes, the programme is open to all Doctors.

Can I apply as I have a collaborator outside of the NHS?

If the collaborator is outside of the NHS, they can’t apply, but you can.

I have taken time out, will I be eligible?

There is no harm in putting an application in. We can help you navigate the system. We would welcome an application from you and at the very least we would connect you to as many people we can, to assist you. Everyone is welcome to connect with Tony Young on LinkedIn.

What level/grade of junior Dr is this program being pitched at? I quit my training as a CT2 and I have been working in a non-training grade in A&E since 2011. I would not be keen to go back to the beginning of a clinician training ladder.

All grades, even medical students in their final year. You have to have some kind of relationship with the NHS; you don’t have to have a national training number. Everyone is able to apply, however year 1 may not meet everyone’s requirement.

When does the programme start?

Autumn 2017

Are specific innovations being targeted?

No – we want to encourage a broad spectrum of innovations and innovative thinking across care re-design based on patient perspectives and experience; personalised medicine and patient activated self-care/management; workforce change and redesign; reducing variation and developing alternative, sustainable care delivery systems; and of course new technologies.

Do I need to let Health Education England know that I want to apply for Clinical Entrepreneur as well as a training number?

No – this is a separate process however if currently in training, seek support from your Training Programme Director.

How will the programme be recognised?

We will be delivering a new Continuing Clinical Innovation scheme whereby you can be awarded points which can form part of your annual appraisal.  One of the areas this scheme will give recognition to is this programme. 

How much time will I need to commit?

Time will be tailored to each individual in line with their training needs.

What about Intellectual Property (IP)?

The clinical entrepreneur programme will operate a flexible light touch approach to IP. Our ambition is to see innovation and enterprise making a difference to patient care.

Who will be my Mentor?

We have a comprehensive list of Mentors and coaches for this scheme drawn from an acclaimed international faculty including commercial, financial, clinical, academic, managerial, charitable and public sector leaders and achievers.  A Mentor will be chosen to specifically match your training programme.

Will funding be made available?

This is not a grant funding scheme. However resources are available through our partner organisations to help deliver the programme. There will also be bespoke advice on funding with signposting and connections to a range of funding opportunities.

Does my location matter?

The programme is available to individuals working in or with the NHS in England or applying to work within the NHS in England.

How would time for entrepreneurial activity be allocated?  I note that in the information pack, this is stated as an allocated time period out of training.  Would it be possible to incorporate this into our schedule, on a regular basis, such as a day per week (as with academic fellowships)?

Yes we are going to be as flexible as we can; we are not going to be rigid.

Mine is a very early concept stage, what can I do to strengthen my application?

Be you, be passionate, this programme is about our people who are going to deliver. Be inspirational. It will help you if you have a product or an idea. It is about supporting entrepreneurial spirit that benefits the NHS.

Will there be networking opportunities to pool ideas?

Yes there will be, we are aiming to bring these opportunities together and networking opportunities will be supported.

Is this technically a job and therefore is it salaried? Or are we supposed to self-fund via clinical work?

No it is not a job. We are offering you the opportunity to be an entrepreneur.  We will help you find funding. There will be opportunities for some internship that will carry some funding.

If we are technically employed by the NHS, then surely our 'company' is also working for the NHS?

Your clinical time will be clinical; it is your time out that is entrepreneurial.

Is it actually possible to set up our 'company' within existing NHS structures?

Yes it is possible; we are very supportive of that approach, its called intrapreneur.

I am particularly interested in the charity element mentioned and how this would work alongside clinical work. I am currently involved with some charity work and would like to know if this could count?

Yes, it depends on what the charity is; we are looking at everyone on a case by case basis.

How would the scheme run alongside a craft specialty, such as orthopedics, where operating is a very important part of our training?

It is going to be very difficult for everyone. It isn't a fixed structure; we want to tailor a bespoke programme for the individual. We are currently encouraging people to apply; we are going to try to make that happen for you, assessed on a case by case basis.

If I were to return to core medical training or A&E training, at what level would I join?

The national recruitment is still live; you should apply at whatever level is appropriate to you. The Clinical Entrepreneur is an entirely separate programme. We want to embrace you, we want to champion people coming back to the NHS, and we need entrepreneurs.

How much longer will a clinical training curriculum last with the entrepreneurship element?

It will depend on what you want to do and how much time you take out of training. We will work with Health Education England to look at how to create the best fit; we are going to be as flexible as possible.

How will this work in practice alongside a clinical training programme? Will this take the place of the research, auditing, teaching, conferences etc. that we are required to tick off on the e-portfolio?

No you can do all of those things. We are working to build CCI – Continuing Clinical Innovation points, which will go towards your revalidation.

I would like to know about this scheme may dovetail with training towards CCT/CESR and whether activity in the scheme counts as CPD?

We want to see this as “in programme” experience. You will be awarded points through the CCI scheme which is under development and we are currently looking regulations with HEE.

Does each clinician in this training path have the same supervisor throughout clinical training and will this supervisor be responsible for the clinical as well as the entrepreneurship aspect of the training?

It is unlikely to be the same. We will work with you and Health Education England to find the best option for you.

How do we bring the clinical and entrepreneur together, what is the 5 yr plan?

We have a lot of flexibility to assist you. We are looking at a new approach. We have started consultation with employer organisations and all that we have spoken with are in engaged with the programme. We will help you to take this forward.

My employer is a University not the NHS?

We are working in partnership with all the Academic Health Science Network’s .We will be flexible and do our very best to make this happen.

I have used up my 3yr out of programme time, can I still take time out?

Yes all the Deans are engaging with this programme and supportive exemptions are acceptable.

I have already trialed at a hospital; can I get on the programme if I am not in training?

It doesn’t matter, we are keen for people to apply, and each individual will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Is this programme part- time or can we take a year out to do the programme?

The approach of this programme is to be as flexible as possible. You may be able to take a whole year out but this is further to your discussions with your Programme Training Director. There may be possibilities for an annualised plan but it may not be possible in all Deaneries and hospitals.

Are we allowed to bring more than one idea to the table and carry out two projects at the same time?

Yes more than one idea is fine, as long as they are of value and quality.

The application sounds like it would be a 'Dragon's Den' type pitch for a particular idea, but I have a couple of medical device ideas but I do not know how much funding would be required to develop these from bench to bedside. This is a clinical programme rather than a funding bid so I'm a little confused in terms of actual development of my ideas.

We are lowering the barriers and thresholds to enable you to get your ideas heard. You can have multiple ideas .Funding opportunities are currently being presented to us and revised. We are keen to work with partners who want to fund you, therefore funding for the programme shouldn’t be an issue. Internships may be offered with a salary. This will be confirmed shortly.

If the idea is successful, who owns the Intellectual property rights?

There is no national NHS England IP policy. Guide lines are being revised centrally. It would be far better to reach a local agreement with your employer and we are happy to assist with advice.

What does it mean that you're taking a flexible light touch approach to IP? I'm unsure how much I can talk about my innovation due to a non-disclosure agreement between me and the company making it. How is my IP therefore protected during this process, for example are the interviews confidential?

We don’t want you to reveal any information that isn’t protected, just the areas you want to work on. We want to help you develop new systems, to benefit health care pathways. We want you to gain a local agreement –this by far is the best way to take it forward to assist the NHS.

I wanted to check if it's possible to apply for more than one specialty option e.g. academic and GP?

You can apply for whatever specialties you want. We want to be as flexible as we can and will support you as much as possible. We are undertaking a back office connection process and will match up with HEE.