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Overview of Interview process and thematic questions

  •  Successful candidates will receive confirmation of their interview slot, location and timings during January – February 2017
  •  Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your interview slot to ensure readiness for your interview.
  •  If you are running late, please ring Emma Hutchison to advise.  A mobile telephone number will be provided nearer the time.
  •  The Interview duration is 30 minutes.
  •  The Interview panel comprises three interviewers representing clinical, commercial and NHS perspectives
  •  You will be required to make a one minute elevator pitch to the panel; please note guidance for this.
  •  The Interview is segmented into three areas with the following thematic:
    Section 1 – One minute presentation of your elevator pitch to tell us why we should be engaging with you, your idea/concept.
    Section 2 – Gauging your understanding of the term leadership within an entrepreneurial field.  Exploring examples of when you have taken a lead role within a team and what you have learnt about yourself.
    Section 3 – Evaluating your experience of producing a programme or project in the workplace to a deadline.