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Welcome to the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme


Phase 4 Launch

The 2018 application process opened on 5th March 2018 and has a closing date of 31st March. In addition to Doctors, Dentists and Healthcare Scientists, places on this prestigious programme will now be also offered, through competitive process, to Nurses and Midwives, Allied Health Professionals, and Pharmacists who are developing clinical innovations and enterprises to improve patient care and support service redesign. Successful applicants will be appointed for a year between September 2018 - August 2019.  Documentation relating to the application process will be retained throughout this time.

The application portal will be open and accessible from this page between 5th- 31st March. Interviews will take place in May and June in Leeds and London.

Professor Tony Young, NHS England’s National Clinical Lead for Innovation hosted two webinars recently for potential applicants which provide further information on the programme.Recordings are available on the following links:

7th March 2018 webinar

14th March 2018 webinar

A copy of the presentation slides is available at the bottom of this page.

About the programme

25% of doctors completing foundation training in the UK each year do not immediately take up their specialist training posts and around 5% of junior doctors leave to pursue other opportunities. It is difficult for traditional clinical practice and training to keep pace with the drivers for change, and we need to engage these clinicians as future leaders of the NHS.

The Clinical Entrepreneur Training programme has been co-designed by NHS England and Health Education England to offer opportunities for doctors and the wider health professionals to develop their entrepreneurial aspirations. The wider partnerships supporting the programme are:

  • Health Education England – (lead on behalf of the English Deans)

  • National Institute for Health Research

  • General Medical Council

  • Cabinet Office

  • UKTI/Healthcare UK

  • Innovate UK

  • AHSN networks

  • NHS Providers

  • NICE

  • MoD
  • Public Health England

  • NHS Improvement

  • NHS Digital

Establishing the first national level training programme for clinical entrepreneurs enables us to support and retain these clinicians, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, experience and leadership capacity needed to deliver on the promise of digital health, genomics, data analytics, advanced technology and social networks for the NHS. Retaining this talent pool drives up the quality of clinical care delivery and directly impacts the NHS’s contribution to the economic growth agenda.

The programme is sponsored by:

  • AHSN Network
  • Alder Hey
  • Anglia Ruskin University, Mid & South Essex STP, Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Eastern AHSN
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Connect Health
  • Doctorpreneurs Ltd
  • InHealth Ventures
  • Intergrated Care 24 Limited (IC24)
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Leeds University
  • MedCity
  • Oliver and Company
  • ORCHA Health Ltd
  • Roche
  • Royal College of Anaethetists
  • Royal Society of Medicine
  • Shakespeare Martineau LLP
  • Start-Up Leadership Programme

The programme offers:

  • Time for entrepreneurial activity - less than full time training, annualised job planning, time out from clinical duties for 3/6/12 months.
  • Mentoring and coaching – from an acclaimed international faculty including commercial, financial, clinical, academic, managerial, third sector and public sector leaders and achievers.
  • Entrepreneurial placements/internships – with industry, third sector, social enterprises and public sector organisations with both partner funded and self-funding options.
  • Facilitation of relationships with commercial organisations to develop their business and procurement knowledge.
  • Education – commercially relevant opportunities including expert webinars, video content, e-learning and flexible university interoperable/recognised accredited modules that can be used towards PGCert, PGDip, Masters and undergraduate/intercollated qualifications for interested students. Curriculum to include; overview of accounting, value creation and valuation, research, board meetings, teams, early failure, compliance and regulation, investors, intellectual property, sales and marketing, development cycle, funding rounds, the documents, case studies of entrepreneurs, overview of how to build a start up
  • Educational ‘Pit Stop’ Events – bringing together complimentary high value programmes
  • Advice on Funding – signposting, finding, connecting to investment sources.
  • Networking events – regional and national events co-ordinated through AHSN and other organisations such as Anglia Ruskin University.


The programme is led by Professor Tony Young, the National Clinical Lead for Innovation, NHS England.

The recruitment of junior doctors started for the August 2016 training intake, over 200 Clinical Entrepreneurs are now on the programme. They are appointed for a year following the academic calendar.  All documents and information submitted for the application will be held confidentially for one year.

Eight educational ‘Pit Stops’ have been scheduled for the current cohort of Clinical Entrepreneurs.  Another eight will run throughout the next academic year, from September 2017.  

The Future Health Journal has published an article on innovation in healthcare by one of our Clinical Entrepreneurs, Christopher Kelly, and Tony Young: http://futurehospital.rcpjournal.org/content/4/2/121.full.pdf+html

Phase 3

The third round of recruitment included Healthcare Scientists and Dentists with the programme commencing in autumn 2017.

The dates for the educational pit stops which provide an overview of many key aspects of business and finance are:

Pit Stop Four – 28 February/1 March 2018 in Leeds

Pit Stop Five – 26/27 March 2018 in London

Pit Stop Six – 11/12 May 2018 in Leeds

Pit Stop Seven – 22/23 June 2018

Pit Stop Eight – July 2018 (provisional date 3rd July)



The Clinical Entrepreneur Launch and Networking Event took place on the 23rd May at the Royal Society of Medicine in London. Please see the photo and a selection of quotes.

Clinical Entrepreneur programme launch event photo.

The event; speakers and pitches (from 33 mins and 1hr 13 mins) can be viewed here.


Quotes about the Pit Stops:

Tony Young – National Clinical Lead for Innovation“It was wonderful to see so many of our enthusiastic and aspiring Clinical Entrepreneurs at the first educational pit stop.  The event was supported by key Mentors and Partners who shared their own career journeys, knowledge and experiences, delivering a thought provoking day.  I am grateful for their support and know that the Clinical Entrepreneurs took away some key learning and are eager to learn more.”

Rob Chesters – Research and Innovation Unit, NHS England: “It was a privilege to present at the first pit stop and speak to the Clinical Entrepreneurs directly. The pit stop brought together a group of brilliant people with some very exciting ideas.”

Roger Harcourt Partner and Head of Healthcare at Shakespeare Martineau: “The event was really enjoyable, thank you.  It was great to meet some of the entrepreneurs.”

Rebecca Morris – Clinical Entrepreneur: “Thank you to everyone for an amazing weekend at Second Home! It really was inspirational.”

Nakul Patel – Clinical Entrepreneur: “Firstly, let me commend you for organising the most wonderful session.   I knew it was going to be good but it was AMAZING! I am so pleased to be in this fantastic programme!”   

Matt Stammers – Clinical Entrepreneur: “The first pit stop was so good I am hooked.” 

Mark Mikhail - Clinical Entrepreneur: "Love the programme!"

Maureen Anderson - Mentor: " Thanks for organising yesterday's event in Leeds - great to catch up with mentees and make new contacts. The guest speakers were particularly interesting".

Chris Whittle - Clinical Entrepreneur"Thanks for a great pit stop in Leeds!"

Tom Micklewright - Clinical Entrepreneur: "Thanks again for another great pit-stop this week." 

Available documents for download:

Small arrow Case studies

Dr Hinnah Rafique

Dr Hinnah Rafique chose not to go on to specialty training following her two years of post-graduate foundation medical training. Instead, she took on different academic and study roles in medical education, and set up Help Me I’m a Medic – a pioneering collaboration platform for trainee doctors and aspiring medics.

She said: “We were a group of doctors who’d met up over coffee one autumn afternoon for a catch-up and found ourselves discussing the significant lack of medical careers information available to aspiring medics.

“There was general agreement that this information was essential for understanding how to go about completing university applications, gaining practical experience and meeting doctors, but students from certain socio-economic backgrounds were at a clear disadvantage in their ability to access these necessary resources. This posed not only a problem for aspiring medical students, but for students who were already accepted into medical school. And that’s when our solution Help Me I'm A Medic was created, on the back of a napkin.

“As Director of Help Me I'm a Medic I am passionate about achieving its dream - to help students from all social backgrounds gain access to medical and healthcare careers by making the necessary information accessible to all - but we didn’t want to just stop there! Supporting medics throughout their career and up until retirement is an important goal for us too.”

Hinnah now spreads her time between this social enterprise and developing curricula and lecturing across several programmes at the University of Oxford and Southampton, and her expertise has led her to consult at international level on Medical Education, MedTech, Startups and Medical Innovation. With an Integrated Clinical Entrepreneur Training fellowship, she would be able to pursue this work while building towards full medical specialty and clinical leadership training.

Professor Tony Young presents "Redesigning Care - Empowered Patient to Clinician" Exponential Medicine 2016