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Case Studies


The Innovation Case Studies section provides a comprehensive list of exemplar innovation projects from across the NHS. These innovations have been carefully selected to represent a range of ideas from medical technologies through to service and pathway re design. Each case study provides a background to the innovation and a contact for further information.

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If you have an innovation case study you would like us to publish on the portal please contact the Innovation team at england.innovation@nhs.net

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Improving the Quality and Safety of general practice

An intervention to support General Practice populations where the future of the practice is uncertain and there are ongoing concerns regarding quality of care for patients. ...

Patient Rescue

Patient Rescue: An automatic in-hospital patient tracking, alerting and referral system for Acute Kidney Injury and to prevent Serious Adverse Events (emergency ITU admission, emergency...

Mapmydiabetes: Patient self- management system for diabetes

An innovative method for personalised weight management in patients with type 2 diabetes, delivered by an accessible, scalable eHealth solution: Mapmydiabetes. ...

EPaCCS in Norfolk

Good end of life care can depend on providing the right care in the right place at the right time. Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination System (EPaCCS)...


Episiotomies are performed to enlarge the birth passage at the time of crowning of the baby’s head, and are used in 15% of UK births.

Cancer Rehabilitation for upper Gastro-intestinal (GI) patients from Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital

The benefit of exercise and physical activity for chronic diseases is well known and in recent years has attracted interest in the field of oncology. Support and guidance is...

Identification and Training of Innovation Champions

An innovative solution to accelerate the capture, development and adoption of innovation. As described in Innovation Health and Wealth (2011), the NHS is routinely recognised...

NHS England (Merseyside) improving the quality of care for patients with Long Term Conditions

NHS England (Merseyside) Area Team commissions primary care services for some of the most deprived populations in the country. Health outcomes for Merseyside are significantly...

Remote monitoring and shared decision making for upper limb MSK conditions using MSK Kinect

An innovative way of sharing assessment information across the primary and secondary care IT interface. The aim of the project was to create a specific tool to measure...

Interface for GP requesting for Radiology and Improved Patient Communication

Facilitating improved communication with patients and General Practitioners using the services provided within Radiology Radiology at Aintree University Hospital NHS...