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Case Studies


The Innovation Case Studies section provides a comprehensive list of exemplar innovation projects from across the NHS. These innovations have been carefully selected to represent a range of ideas from medical technologies through to service and pathway re design. Each case study provides a background to the innovation and a contact for further information.

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If you have an innovation case study you would like us to publish on the portal please contact the Innovation team at england.innovation@nhs.net

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Content with Clinical areas Patient Safety .

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Content with Clinical areas Patient Safety .

Isansys: Every patient monitored

Patient safety related issues in the NHS result in an estimated 850,000 inpatient adverse events and more than 12,000 avoidable deaths. The total costs including additional bed days,...

National Tracheostomy Safety Project (NTSP)

Tracheostomies are performed for a variety of acute and chronic conditions and have a dramatic impact on the lives of patients and their carers. Recurrent problems with...

Patient Safety Project - Medicines Reconciliation

In 2009 the Chief Pharmacist network in South Central (NHSSC), in collaboration with the regions Patient Safety Federation, embarked upon a project to improve patient safety and reduce...

The Hydrant

A unique hydration system - solving the problem of reaching, lifting and holding drinks Dehydration is probably the single biggest issue in healthcare, and one of the main...

National Tracheostomy Safety Project (NTSP)

Tracheostomies are small, plastic tubes that are inserted into the neck to act as artificial airways for around 15,000 patients in England and Wales annually. These patients are often...

Patient Rescue

An automatic in-hospital patient tracking, alerting and referral system for Acute Kidney Injury and to prevent Serious Adverse Events (emerging ITU admission, emergency surgery and...

Blood Transfusion Services

Blood transfusion is a frequent clinical intervention: 1.7 million red cell units are transfused in England per annum. Wrong transfusions are the most frequent preventable...