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Case Studies


The Innovation Case Studies section provides a comprehensive list of exemplar innovation projects from across the NHS. These innovations have been carefully selected to represent a range of ideas from medical technologies through to service and pathway re design. Each case study provides a background to the innovation and a contact for further information.

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If you have an innovation case study you would like us to publish on the portal please contact the Innovation team at england.innovation@nhs.net

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Content with Clinical areas Maternity Services .

Portsmouth midwives go digital

Ask most midwives to explain what they love best about their jobs and they’re sure to talk about their sense of vocation and their commitment to providing top-class care to mothers and...


Episiotomies are performed to enlarge the birth passage at the time of crowning of the baby’s head, and are used in 15% of UK births.

GDm-Health System - Improved Management of Diabetes during Pregnancy

Up to 18 in every 100 pregnant women develop diabetes. Untreated, gestational diabetes may lead to complications before and after birth including premature birth, birth...