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Welcome to the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA)

Applications for the NHS Innovation Accelerator have now been extended until 16th August.

NHS England has confirmed the NIA assessment process will be the route for innovations wishing to be considered for the new Innovation and Technology Tariff.  

We have therefore extended the deadline so that you can continue to apply for the NIA as well as apply via this route for the Innovation and Technology Tariff.

All applications to the NIA are considered for the tariff.  However, you can also now select to be considered only for the Innovation Tariff.

If you are only applying for the Innovation Tariff:

  • Please tick the appropriate box “Innovation Tariff only”

  • You will not need to complete Section E (Applicant) of the application form

  • You will also not need to confirm the 2 day per week time commitment requested

Applications will now close on the 16th August at 5pm.

All applicants who have already submitted an NIA application will be considered for the Innovation Tariff providing they are eligible.  2015 NIA innovations will also be considered for the new tariff.


For innovations to be considered for the Innovation and Technology Tariff, they need to be:

  • Mature innovations with a validated evidence base, already in use and ready for scaling as per the NIA criteria
  • An innovation that delivers significantly increased quality and improved efficiency

Additionally, innovations that are eligible for the Innovation and Technology Tariff in 2017:

  • Must be utilised in a service which is reimbursed through the national tariff, for example acute inpatient services, hospital outpatients or A&E
  • The innovation will need to have a suitable pricing structure e.g. price per patient, either as part of an episode of care or as an attendance

For 2017, the following types of innovation will not be eligible for the Innovation Tariff:

  • Primary care services (general practice, community pharmacy, dental practice and community optometry), for example, are substantively not covered by the national tariff and therefore excluded from the innovation and technology tariff

  • Innovations already widely used across the NHS

  • Innovation that involves capital investment or set-up costs are unlikely to be applicable for a national tariff


All NIA applicants will hear by 14th September whether they have been shortlisted for interview.  If you have any queries about your application, please contact us: NIA@uclpartners.com

If you are only applying for the Innovation Tariff, you will not be required to attend an interview.

For more information about the either the NIA or the new Innovation and Technology Tariff, please contact NIA@uclpartners.com


About the NIA

The aim of the NIA is to deliver on the commitment detailed within the Five Year Forward View – creating the conditions and cultural change necessary for proven innovations to be adopted faster and more systematically through the NHS, and to deliver examples into practice for demonstrable patient and population benefit.

After a successful first year, we are pleased to announce that NIA 2016 will be open for applications from healthcare innovators on Friday 17 June, closing on 16 August.

This round of applications will focus on three challenges based on population health needs:

The successful applicants will be announced in October 2016.

In its first year, the 17 Fellows who joined the programme received support to take their high impact innovations to more than 345 NHS Providers and Commissioners, raised over £8.9 million in funding and won 12 awards.

Every year, the NIA looks for the best national and international healthcare innovators. If you have a proven innovation that will improve health outcomes and give patients access to the latest products, services or technology, you can:

  • Visit the application portal to find out more.
  • Follow us for the latest news and updates @NHSAccelerator
  • Attend one of the weekly webinars


What can you expect from the NHS Innovation Accelerator?

The NIA supports exceptional individuals with a passion for learning and a commitment to share their learnings widely, scaling evidence-based innovations for greater patient benefit.

Bespoke mentorship includes:

  • Access to mentorship from a range of experts and high profile mentors, representing a broad skills base.
  • Pairing with an Academic Health Science Network Lead
  • Regular meeting and critical challenge from the NIA Core Team
  • Peer-to-peer learning and support
  • Quarterly events
  • Specialist briefings as and when required e.g. NHS procurement, marketing and communications, behavioural economics
  • Speaking opportunities at conferences
  • Access to a bursary of up to £30k

Additionally, we continue to build partnership with a range of complementary organisations to augment the support offer available to Fellows, including:

  • InnovateUK
  • Digital Catapult
  • Enterprise Europe Network
  • Genomics England
  • Health Education England


NIA Partners 

11 AHSNs provide a financial contribution to provide bursaries for Fellows and in support of the programme. They are:

Small arrow Key dates


NIA opens for applications 17 June 2016
Application deadline 1 August (5pm) 2016
Screening 2 August - 4 August 2016
Application form assessment 5 August - 5 September 2016
Shortlisting panel 12 September 2016
Invitation to interviews 14 September 2016
Interviews 21, 22, 23 September 2016
Decision making panel 4 October 2016
Outcomes communicated to applicants 7 October 2016

Contracts agreed
(please see a version of the 2015 Heads of Terms available on the website)

7 October - 30 October 2016
Launch event November 2016

Quarterly Events
(attendance mandatory by NIA Fellows)

9 November 2016
12 January 2017
12 April 2017
12 July 2017

NIA Summit Autumn 2017