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Submission process

Submission steps

  1. To start a new submission go to http://www.innovation.england.nhs.uk/connect-stage-1  and log in / register in the Submission Portal window at the bottom of the page.
  2. In the Submission Portal window click Create a new submission then select Innovation Connect Ideas
  3. Enter a name for your submission then click Get Started
  4. Next add Your Personal Information (You only need to do this once)
  5. Click on the Your Idea link on the submission home page and complete the questions. A copy of the questions can be found below. You can also add documents and files for further information. These will also be published on the portal. 
  6. Once the form is completed click on the Submit your idea button on the submission home page

If you have any technical queries please email the NHS England Innovation team at


What happens after your idea has been submitted?

  1. The NHS England Innovation team will review the submission prior to publishing the description on the portal.
  2. Once published on the portal the information is in the public domain and other users of the site can read, comment and share. It is important that you only share information which does not compromise your intellectual property.
  3. Your email contact details will be displayed on the page so that interested users can contact you for further information or to collaborate.
  4. The NHS England Innovation team will also look at your submission and identify any support available within the NHS and with external partner organisations. The NHS England Innovation team may also share your submission with partner organisations to signpost for support.

Submission questions

Your idea

  1. Is your innovation a new idea or an existing solution?
  2. What stage of development is your innovation at?
  3. What are you looking for in submitting your idea or solution to Innovation Connect?


  1. Please summarise your innovation
  2. Market competition (Are there any similar innovations available? If so, please describe.)
  3. Unique selling point (What is the USP of your innovation over and above other solutions?)
  4. Patient population (Please describe the patient population who will benefit from your innovation, e.g. size, age group, area etc.)
  5. Improving patient outcomes (Please describe the unmet need your innovation is addressing. How does your innovation improve outcomes for patients e.g. quality of care or increased access to services?)
  6. Systems/cost benefits to the NHS (How will your innovation reduce costs and improve quality within the NHS? What is the unit cost of your innovation? Please include figures.)
  7. Evidence (Have you undertaken any clinical trials or evaluations to demonstrate the effectiveness of your innovation? If you have any relevant documents, please include links or upload them below.)
  8. Clinical engagement (Do you have any clinical champions? If so, please list their names and contact details.)
  9. Obstacles (What are the barriers to adoption of your innovation, e.g. technical support, funding, procurement, research opportunities?)

Other relevant initiatives 

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