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Innovation into Action - Supporting delivery of the NHS Five Year Forward View

Innovation into Action provides a snapshot of the wide variety of innovation activities and system-wide partnerships underway across the NHS to support the delivery of the NHS Five Year Forward View.  It offers some examples of the ways in which these different initiatives are being deployed together to make a bigger difference in supporting innovation across the healthcare system.

As described in the foreword, supporting innovation across the healthcare system is more important than ever, and will be central to securing transformation and improved patient outcomes.

There are many and diverse NHS innovation programmes, but each has in common a strong connection to the NHS Five Year Forward View’s core principles, which are:

  • Closing the health gap
  • Closing the care and quality gap
  • Closing the funding and efficiency gap.

Innovation into Action describes some of these initiatives and NHS England’s plans to build on the progress so far.  Healthcare innovation is constant, from single devices transforming patients’ experience of are, through to large-scale projects which reimagine the way in which treatment itself is delivered. Click on the initiatives detailed in the list below for further information. To download a PDF of the full brochure click on the link below.

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Academic Health Science Networks

Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) have been set up with a clear purpose: accelerate the adoption anad diffusion of evidence based innovation in the NHS for the benefit of patients and for...


Routinely collecting and linking GP and hospital data will increase understanding about the long-term effectiveness of clinical interventions, such as vaccination programmes.

Clinical Entrepreneurs

The Clinician Entrepreneurs programme, launched at the Health and Care Innovation EXPO by the programme sponsor Sir Bruce Keogh will enable clinical staff to develop their technological and...


Significant momentum has been achieved in the NHS Open Source initiative which has led to a number of software products for use in the NHS, including systems for Electronic Patient Records,...

Commissioning through Evaluation (CtE)

The CtE programme enables patients to access promising new treatments which are not routinely commissioned, whilst new data is collected within a formal evaluation programme, potentially leading to...

Continuing Clinical Innovation Scheme

NHS England is supporting a new scheme to allow clinical staff to record innovation and improvement activity they are involved in as a routine part of their CPD.

Continuing Clinical Innovation Scheme

NHS England is supporting a new scheme to allow clinical staff to record innovation and improvement activity they are involved in as a routine part of their continuing professional development (CPD).

Digital Primary Care: Driving digital adoption through maturity assurance and operating framework

Digital Primary Care Services enable patients to routinely use a variety of digital communications and technologies in order to access their own health and care records, and other health...

Friends and Family Test

In August 2015, the Friends and Family Test (FFT) achieved the milestone of having collected 10 million examples of feedback from patients.

Innovation Challenge Prize

The NHS Innovation Challenge Prize encourage, recognise, reward and celebrate front line innovation and drive spread and adoption of these innovations across the NHS.

Innovation Scorecard

The Innovation Scorecard is intended to aid transparency around the usage of treatments recommended by NICE.

Medtech Innovation Breifings (MIBS)

MIBs are published by NICE and are designed to support NHS staff to make decisions about using new medical devices and technologies.


MyNHS is a website where health and care staff and the public can compare information about NHS, public health and social care organisations to inform patient choice, accountability and...

National Information Board: Interoperability Strategy

Interoperability is the ability of different healthcare computer systems to communicate and exchange data.

New Care Models and Vanguard sites

The flagship New Care Models programme and vanguard sites will deliver against all three areas outlined in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

NHS Choices

With around 50 million visits each month, NHS Choices continues to act as a national, patient-facing digital service, offering users high-quality information and advice about conditions, treatments...

NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme

The NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme aims to reduce the number of people who develop type 2 diabetes.

NHS England - Healthy New Towns

NHS England recently launched a new initiative together with Public Health England, to put health at the heart of new neighbourhoods and towns across the country.

NHS England - Integrated Care Pioneers

NHS England is one of the key partners on the National Collaboration for Integrated Care and Support.

NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA)

The NIA is a fellowship programme being delivered collaboratively with UCL partners, The Health Foundation and with the Academic Health Science Networks, who are co-sponsors of this programme.

NICE Implementation Collaborative (NIC)

The NICE Implementation Collaborative is a unique partnership between the NHS, life sciences industry, healthcare professional bodies and patient groups aiming to improve access to the latest...

Nursing Technology Fund

This £65m programme has supported 147 projects to help free up midwives’ and nurses’ "time to care".

Patient Access to Records

Patients will have full access to their entire digital health record in real time by 2018. This will provide patients with the opportunity to engage directly in their own health care, and better...

Promoting Health Apps

Promoting Health Apps is supporting the development of new ways of delivering care through the greater adoption and use of digital technology by professionals and patients.

Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI)

SBRI is led by the Academic Health Science Networks and is a well-established process which challenges industry to provide solutions for unmet clinical needs.

Summary Care Record

Summary Care Records (SCRs) is now widely used across many care settings from hospital pharmacies through to significant numbers of ambulance trusts, A&E depts and 111 providers.

Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)

Digital technology offers new opportunities for transforming the outcomes and experience of patients and citizens and of supporting those who care for them.

Test Beds

The NHS Five Year Forward View set out the intention to develop a small number of ‘Test Beds’ to serve as real world sites for evaluating combinations of innovations that offer the prospect of...

The 100,000 Genomes Project

The 100,000 Genomes Project is focused on sequencing all the genes of patients with rare/inherited diseases and certain common cancers.

Widening digital participation

The widening digital participation programme aims to reduce health inequalities among older people, disabled people from diverse communities.

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