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Innovation Compass

The Innovation Compass is a diagnostic tool that has been developed to support NHS providers, Clinical Commissioning groups and Academic Health Science Networks and the systems within which they work, to deliver better patient care and more efficient services, by improving their capability to innovate. The compass draws on the best evidence from the NHS and Industry. The ability to innovate is vital for the future success of the NHS as the demand on services continues to grow within constrained resources. Health Service leaders need to understand how they can build and sustain the culture for innovation to flourish, liberating the energy and creativity of staff and service users. The Innovation Compass was developed with an international partnership and is a diagnostic tool to:

  • Demonstrate how NHS organisations and health systems are currently innovating and how they can be supported to improve
  • Develop a clearer understanding of both organisational and system readiness in relation to accelerating the process of innovation, including adoption and diffusion on a wider scale
  • Assist organisations to recognise areas that could be further developed and incorporated within their improvement planning The Innovation Compass focuses on supporting organisations such as AHSNs, NHS Trusts and CCGs and the systems in which they operate to further develop a culture that encourages and implements innovation more rapidly.

This is particularly important at a time when the financial challenge is significant and there is a requirement for the NHS providers to improve the quality of healthcare in keeping with the five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework, whilst at the same time reducing expenditure. By drawing on best thinking from academia, industry and the NHS, an approach has been developed which is both practical and sustainable. The Innovation Compass has recently been piloted with a selection of member trusts within the Yorkshire and Humberside Academic Health Science Network. The tool is now in survey form and the findings will enable a sound basis for improvement planning. The tool also sign posts the user to supporting and complementary resources relating to the 4 domains of the compass:

  • Leadership
  • Partnerships
  • Culture
  • Process

Innovation Compass scoring example image

Above: example of the innovation compass scoring

Follow the link below to download a demo version of the Innovation Compass.

┬╗Innovation Compass


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